I Am Disappeared


Some poems from “B Is for Bad Poetry” by Pamela August Russell


One Song Glory - Aaron Tveit

Say goodbye to your ovaries




What if Marvel owned all the rights to their characters?

How the marvel movie verse should be sony and fox i am looking at you 

i just watched that video of daniel radcliffe answering questions really quickly and oh my gods he is perfect? like he is so gorgeous and funny and likes good music and like poetry???i’m in love???

"Do this dance with me”

Early on in previews of the show, Tom [Kitt] and I were standing in the back as people were filing out and this young guy approached us—17 or 18—and very sweet looking. He told us that he had been diagnosed with bp about three months earlier and hadn’t been able to explain to his friends what it was, or what it was like, and then he started to cry, and Tom and I started to cry.

That happened before the show opened, and it was at that point that I said, ‘I don’t care what the critics say, what happens from here.’ If the show can do that, it’s been worthwhile.

Brian Yorkey on Next to Normal, from “Tackling Stigma from the Stage” in Bipolar Disorder Magazine [x] (via roryomalley)
When you find out your adoptive father threw all the Hebrew infants into the Nile.




I have finally done the thing since people have asked for it many many times: a better look at my Powerpuff Girls designs!  I had a chance to put more thought into their them this time around and I’m quite satisfied with it all.

This was done mainly for those who wanted to cosplay the girls, in which I say, feel free to take any liberties beyond what I’ve done and I hope you all enjoy my take on the PPGs!

Last time I’m gonna reblog this!  The full detailed character sheet is on my dA so CLICK HERE for it!